Branch Office Setup in UAE

Get your Branch Office Setup in UAE

Incorporating a branch in Dubai Use Business Link UAE to set up a branch office in Dubai. Most international firms have a branch office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When it comes to opening a UAE branch office, we assist customers from around the globe. Companies that create a branch office in the UAE can carry out the same operations as their parent firm. On the other hand, the representative firm can advertise the products and services of its parent company.

Insofar as it is a local chosen to represent the business in Government institutions and does not have any role in its activities, this form of formation can have 100 percent foreign ownership When it comes to setting up branch offices, Dubai mainland companies, free zones, and locating the proper local service agents and PRO service in Dubai. Across the UAE, can assist.

How to Open a Branch Office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

A branch office in the UAE involves careful preparation of paperwork, obtaining permissions and certifications from the place of registration, and then having them attested in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Because of Business Link's years of expertise in the business, it offers a streamlined registration procedure at a reasonable price. In addition, we offer access to seasoned experts who are well-versed in the local economy. Using it, our clients may create a branch office quickly and lawfully.

A local service agent is essential for a branch office to be established in the United Arab Emirates. When it comes to branch business creation in Dubai, our team of experts can help you choose the right individual. Recall that a local service agent is a vital element of the registration procedure, whether you intend to open a branch office in Dubai or not.

As soon as the local agent has been officially hired. Once he has a name reserved, he will seek the Department of Economic Development (DED) permission. You'll find a list of necessary documents below.

Documents Requirements For Branch Office Setup in Dubai, UAE

  • This document confirms that a business name has been reserved for this new company.
  • Registries and licenses are processed via application forms
  • A copy of the director's passport
  • Certificate of No Objection and a Power of Attorney signed by the director.
  • Passport copy and naturalization book from the local agent.
  • Copy of the parent company's board resolution approving the creation of a Dubai office.
  • Memorandum of Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of the Parent Company.
  • Approval from the local government

For the branch office in UAE to begin its commercial activity, it must first register with the following authorities.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Company Registrar.
  • Ministry of Economic and Commerce

Customers can open a branch office in Dubai or any other emirate swiftly because of our UAE-wide presence. As a result, PROGCC Dubai is the ideal place to set up a business in Dubai or create a branch office in Dubai. With a high success rate and low prices, we are the best business formation consultant in the industry.