Business Card or immigration Card

Several agencies in the UAE are working to provide visas Business Card or an immigration Card to UAE businessmen at reduced costs to each of its investment entrepreneurs to obtain residence in the UAE. Staying in the UAE and citizenship in the UAE is an essential issue for immigrants applying for a Business Card or immigration Card, various ways such as education, employment, and investment. However, as I have remarked, UAE citizenship or passport cannot be obtained in any of these ways. Immigrants residing in the UAE are only temporary tenants and can apply for permanent residence in the UAE if they have been living in the country for 30 years. The permanent residence also UAE citizenship can only be obtained by marrying an Emirati man and after five years of stay in the UAE. Of course, citizenship is granted if the wife leaves her previous nationality. The Dual Nationality Act is not recognized in the UAE. If a person has UAE nationality and has another race, the person will be taken apart from the UAE nationality.

Work visa and corporate sponsorship.

It is necessary to issue an EMIRATES Business Card or immigration Card to anyone who wishes to work in the UAE, where companies from the private sector or free zones process all the necessary paperwork related to the employee, to begin completing the only part required of it, namely medical examinations, and send it to the Ministry of Human Resources and Settlement for scrutiny, as they sent Required documents:

  • Color selfie of the worker with a white background
  • Worker's passport photo
  • A copy of the scientific qualification must be attached certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the event of a request for a scientific qualification (diploma above high school, university qualification, or equivalent)
  • Attach a letter of consent from the competent authority if required (pharmacist, nurse teacher)

Application time:

Residence laws in the UAE have defined how to obtain residence in the UAE, including the possibility of granting them from one spouse to the other, whether an operator or an employer, so that one of them acts as the sponsor of the other, including male kids under the age of 18 and unmarried girls.

  • Visa cost: The company in which one spouse works pays all visa-related expenses
  • If the wife is staying with her husband and wants to work, she must obtain a letter of no objection from her husband and then receive a business card and a work permit from her employment company
  • A wife can guarantee her husband if she works in a qualified profession – for example, a school, doctor, engineer, or equivalent of jobs. The eligible wife must have a minimum salary of AED 5000
  • Stay: 1 or 2 years for employee, three years for an employer