Business registration in dubai

The business registration and commercial licensing sector in Dubai Economy issued eighteen thousand & twenty-seven licenses during the first quarter of this year 2021, explaining that the new permits were distributed according to the license category, between professional activities that accounted for 56% of the total licenses, and commercial activities with a share of 44%. According to a report by the principal regions of the emirate, the largest share of Bur Dubai region was a total of 1,722 licenses, followed by Deira with a total of 105 licenses, noting that those with an "immediate license," covering more than 1,400 economic activities, currently number 3,680. According to the legal form, the report showed that the distribution of immediate licenses issued since the launch of the corporate business License service initiative, and until now, according to the legal form, was 39% led companies with limited liability, followed by civil businesses by 31%. At the same time, the rest of the ratios were distributed to individual institutions and limited liability companies.


The report stressed that the initiative "Instant Business License and Registration" contributes to reducing human communication by automating the procedures for licensing and business registration in Dubai. Business people can start doing business as soon as the permit is issued and then complete the rest of the conditions of the commercial license, such as permissions from other government bureaus concerned. Furthermore, in enhancement to the card of the Ministry of Human Resources and Settlement facility, A text message comes to the customer where he/she can announce the license by approving three employees' permits.

Citizen registration as a Business Man or as an Employee

The registration of employees (citizens) in the Ministry of Human Resources and Localization was added when circulating the immediate citizen registration and license, helping the private sector to attract citizens, developing their abilities and skills, and developing national competencies to lead the competitive knowledge economically. There are few automated steps to register a business and employment, including "residents" through the immediate license.

Supporting Business Owners for Licensing and Business Registration

The issuance of the "Business License" is part of Dubai's economic strategy to support the emirate's industrial diversification and sustainable and competitive growth, focusing on facilitating business, which contributes to the prospect and manufacture of a better future, in which Dubai is the world's number one in the attractiveness of imperative economic sectors and providing high-quality assistance to the highest international standards. Typical Business Friendly Licensing and business Registration solutions in Dubai include the Business License service and the registration, which takes only 5 minutes to arise, with the option of providing an online and virtual contract for the first year alone, provides a typical business-friendly solution, who can get a business license as soon as possible, enabling them to establish and do business in Dubai quickly and easily.