Ways to get an industrial or commercial license in the UAE

Here, we will talk about ways to get a commercial license in the UAE, where the UAE is one of the best commercial markets in the world because of the good advantages it grants to its investors, as well as the presence of free zones that allow the investor to invest in Dubai and elsewhere, especially the GCC countries. Businessmen and investors prefer to work in the UAE and organize their investments and companies there. They must obtain a commercial license to invest in Dubai legally, so they must know how to get an industrial or commercial license in the UAE.

PRO GCC Will help in to establish your Company in Dubai UAE

Before talking about how to get a commercial license in Dubai, you should know the procedures for establishing a company in the UAE, and PRO GCC can explain the procedures for establishing a company within the following steps:

  1. First, you must determine the type of business activity of the company, based on which type of license is determined to engage in this activity, and choose the type of business of the company. The UAE's economic entities provide more than one company on which the investor can choose the appropriate activity for your company.
  2. The UAE requires a commercial UAE license in Dubai to have an Emirati partner who owns a company with limited responsibilities or a certified agent that provides services to single companies.
  3. Choose the right place for the company, and get a lease.
  4. Specify the company's brand name, and the enterprise name must contain the company's activity.
  5. Processing the contract for the company's establishment, adopting and documenting it from the competent authorities in Dubai.
  6. Obtaining approval to engage in business from the relevant government agencies in Dubai to get a commercial license in Dubai UAE.
  7. The latest procedure for setting a company in the UAE is to go to the competent department to obtain an industrial or commercial license in Dubai after submitting all the documents, namely the Department of Economic Development, and then investing in Dubai.
  8. The same steps are taken for organizing a company in Dubai for foreigners.

How can you get urgent commercial license in Dubai:

We also talked in the previous paragraph that certain steps must be followed to obtain a general license or commercial license in Dubai to engage in a particular business in the UAE. Still, the immediate license in Dubai decreases these steps in one step without the need to make a contract of establishment and lease to save time and effort. However, there is a demand for the immediate license to operate in Dubai, which is that it is only one-time and is the first year of business in Dubai, after which the business contract and the rest of the documents required to practice or establish a business in the UAE attached upon renewal. As for the fees for issuing an urgent license in Dubai, by issuing a single fee paper, including the trademark registration fee, preliminary approval, and commercial license extraction fees, these fees are AED 3,000.

Dubai Free Zone

Suppose the PRO GCC investor owns a private property and the company headquartered. In that case, the fees will be under the decision of the competent government authorities in Dubai by developing a committee to evaluate the appropriate fees. There are also fees for accommodation, accommodation, and investment fees in Dubai; if the investor is an immigrant and lives in the UAE and invests in it, the fee is 5% of the value of the lease. 4. Other fees included under the costs of establishing a company in the UAE, namely, the waste fees of the company or institution, are taken out through the evaluation of the waste department in the UAE.

Industrial or Commercial License issuance fees
  • Primary approval fee of AED 100.
  • The company's trademark name issuance fee is AED 210.
  • The cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone is as follows: getting a license for a company or institution in the free zone is AED 10,000 and 15,000 companies.
  • The fee for acquiring a professional business license is AED 550.
  • The fee for taking a license to do business and industrial is AED 600.
  • The fee for getting services from a UAE-certified service agent is AED 700.
  • The fee for must a business partner or activity is AED 500.
  • License extraction and printing fees estimated at AED 50.


Regardless, owners of virtual companies in Dubai should remember that their companies will continue taxable on companies, per capita income, and social taxes of the country in which they reside. Also, if the virtual company's revenues within the UAE exceed $100,000 per year, it will be subjected to 5% VAT in the UAE. This means that the licensee of Dubai Virtual Company will be required to register with the UAE Federal Tax Authority. Another essential thing to note when applying for a commercial license is that Dubai Company's license does not guarantee entry to the UAE through a work/visitor/resident visa for any of the company's members. The same applies to opening a bank account in the UAE, where opening a bank account will be subject to the discretion of commercial banks.