Legal Document Attestation Service for UAE

All legal documents and certificates issued from outside the UAE must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. Without this document attestation service and procedure, you will not be eligible for legal use within the UAE. Before the ratification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all certificates and records will be verified by the Dubai UAE Embassy document attestation department in the country of origin. The document attestation for UAE process includes all types of documents such as commercial documents (contracts, meeting minutes, establishment contracts, agencies, licenses- certificate of incorporation Etc.), personal certificates (education certificates, marriage, birth, and death, etc.)

Get Document Attestation service in UAE

We offer the following Document Attestation services by the UAE Estate Department, Attestation of commercial documents in Dubai This type of Attestation is very common in Dubai, especially the Attestation of company registration documents, official power of attorney, establishment contract, board decision, and certificate of incorporation. These documents are Attested before the notary in the country of origin, as they should be verified from the Embassy of the UAE before applying for the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and approved documents are usually used for the following purposes. :

  • Establish, modify or cancel a branch of a foreign company.
  • Establish, modify or cancel a representative office of a foreign company.
  • Open a company within Dubai or in free zones.
  • Sign a legal document on behalf of a manager or partner outside the country.

Attestation of an educational certificate

Most job appointments in the UAE require a certified degree you must need for Attestation, this is important for work and employment, the Ministry approves senior positions of Human Resources and Settlement, and the educational certificate provided must be original and in the same field of profession, including doctorates, master's degrees, university degrees, diplomas, and temporary certificates.

Attestation of a marriage certificate

Attestation of a marriage certificate in Dubai and other UAE estate is mandatory for anyone applying for a family visa, and this is one of the requirements of the Dubai Citizenship and Residence Administration to prove that the marriage is accurate, the certificate must be genuine and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is submitted with the passport application for a family visa. Attestation of birth certificate This Attestation of certificate is very important, especially for newborns, to prove who the parents are, the date and place of birth Etc, and issue a passport and a child's residence visa. If baby born in UAE, the certificate will be certified within the UAE. Otherwise, it requires the certification of the UAE Embassy in the country of origin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this certificate is used to obtain a residence visa in the UAE, admission to school, name change, and immigration.

Attestation of personal or Business documents in Dubai

Obtaining properly Attestation certified documents is very important in Dubai; whether you are trying to get a family visa, apply for a private or government job, issue a new passport to a newborn child, or start a new career, make sure that all documents and certificates are original and this includes, but are not limited to, the following documents:

Attestation of a death certificate in Dubai

When a person dies, the government issues a certificate Attestation proving the death. The government and the embassy document this certificate; if the incident occurs outside the UAE, the certificate is issued from the country of origin and must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the heirs must appoint a person representing them under a particular agency, at a later date the inherited funds, shares, real estate, sale of shares and liquidation of any company in the name of the deceased person can be transferred