Electronic property registration for Patents

In order to Copyrights and trademarks registration your brand and choose a unique brand, you must hire a lawyer who specializes in trademark laws and electronic property registration for patents, where he can search when choosing your brand to make sure that it is not similar to other brands, and legally represents you before the competent authorities and the Ministry of Economy to apply for your trademark registration based on the legal agency granted by the brand owner, and can also track your brand after creating your company and starting your business to protect them from anyone trying to fake or Imitate and prosecute your brand. Over years of experience, PRO GCC have provided its clients with the best brand registration lawyers in the UAE, and due to the accuracy and speed of completion of the procedures, our lawyers can save you the time and effort needed to establish your business. The UAE has established many controls and laws to register trademarks with simple procedures as an initiative to support the economy and business owners.

Electronic property registration for patents

Electronic property registration for patents protection is one of the most important pillars of your success in your UAE projects where you reserve your right to claim your rights and prevent theft to them, any brand or industrial design that is what we do Seek to protect you and your brand In order to register your brand in the UAE, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your brand is unique.
  • Your brand adheres to public morals and does not violate public order.
  • Your brand is devoid of any similarity to the logos of countries, international corporations or any foreign country except under the authorization of that country.
  • Your brand is devoid of Red Crescent or Red Cross symbols and other similar types that give false trust to customers.
  • Your brand is void of religious symbols. Your brand is not associated with a country name, causing confusion about the brand among customers.
  • Your brand doesn't have anything that upsets customers in general.
  • Your mark should be devoid of people's names or photos.
  • Trademarks owned by persons or organizations are a violation of intellectual property rights and trademarks.
  • Your brand should be devoid of national decorations, coins or paper coins.
  • Your brand is a translation of another popular label, both locally and internationally, which is a theft of the original brand.

The owner of the trademark is the sole owner of the trademark, and the legal agency can be legally represented by the Ministry of Economy and trademark registration authorities in the UAE.

Registering brands in the UAE

When you hire a trademark registration agent, it will also clarify everything you need, provide you with the right information about brand law, prepare the documents required to register correctly and obtain your trademark registration, and the trademark registration process needs the following documents:

  1. Legal agency of the applicant.
  2. A picture of the brand you have chosen.
  3. A copy of the commercial license.
  4. A copy of the identity of the trademark owner and his acting representative.
  5. A replica of the application to the Ministry of Economy.