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Flexi desk services

Our offices are fully furnished and equipped with Flexi desk services in more than one size according to your need, and you can rent annually, monthly, or even weekly. You do not have to book your office and start your work directly. We provide free services with everything you need in an office: fast internet, air conditioning, complete secretarial services, 24-hour security camera queuing service, and more. PRO GCC Dubai UAE provides a spacious and comfortable meeting room with us that provides all the services you need in your meeting. You can issue a professional license from us at the lowest possible cost.

Flexible workspaces, including Flexi Desk Service a most appropriate solution

Dubai UAE - Among the expenses incurred by companies is the cost of setting up a new office. According to a recent report, the price of equipping a new office with Flexi desk services ranges anywhere between 36,000 and 46,000 AED. At the same time, the cost of renting office space ranges between 350 and 500 dirhams per employee, per month. In the UAE, the cost of establishing a new office starts at approximately 45,000 dirhams per year. So, if you want to avoid expenses, let contact us for the Flexi desk services. In addition to the above, there are many other high costs. In addition to initial expenditures for office equipment such as computing equipment, broadband communications infrastructure, printers, servers, offices, and stationery, companies also bear other sustainable expenses such as insurance, heating and electricity bills, and maintenance.

When choosing a new office in Dubai UAE, its location tops the list of priorities that are focused on determining the proximity of the site to the business district, potential suppliers and customers, and companies that want to be able to obtain Dubai office FLEXI DESK services, access to meeting facilities and meet business partners, which allows them to establish strong working relationships. Unfortunately, the best facilities may not always be available to rent or sell when the company needs them. Therefore, finding suitable office space may not always be easy. On the other hand, the site plays a significant role for the employees themselves. According to a report issued by the research company, millennials prefer to find a better balance between work and life, which can be achieved through the appropriate location of the workplace in UAE and the modern facilities it contains and the vibrant work atmosphere in its surroundings, as well as the availability of restaurants and entertainment venues, and to allow easy and affordable mobility for employees.

Flexible workspaces may be an alternative for companies looking to lower startup costs and provide a better work-life balance. The UAE has a vibrant and harmonious community of young entrepreneurs and emerging companies that are looking for functional office spaces equipped with the latest FLEXI DESK services and basic office necessities to meet the requirements of their businesses and clients. Here, flexible workspaces are practical solutions, especially with the offices they provide with integrated and comprehensive services, including high-speed internet, office furniture, and efficient equipment. As well as the latest technologies that allow videoconferencing, audiovisual equipment, secure internet for commercial communications, Wi-Fi networks, phone headsets, and telephone lines, so that users can perform their work to the fullest and make the most of the benefits.