Freezone Bank Account

However, the new facilities aim to complete the free zone's strategic goals of contributing to strengthening the country's economy by providing integrated solutions that perform a crucial role in supporting investment mobility, motivating investors to start their companies, and seeking to increase their investments in line with attempts to achieve the Dubai Plan 2021 and other management plans intended at moving beyond oil by promoting economic diversification strategies. Once you have determined the activity, bank legal form, and registered the trade name, you must obtain preliminary approval for your economic activity, including Freezone Bank Account, enabling you to continue to receive the activity-related entities' support.

Freezone Bank Account documentation

on-demand, after registering with the authorizations of that area, you must initially complete the Freezone Account by filling out the particular bank forms below and submitting the following documents:

  • Application for a Freezone Account
  • Title deed (copy)
  • Confirmation of the original ownership document from the owner.
  • Proof of deposit of the least capital in a bank and a letter of guarantee from the bank sent to the free zone account authorities.
  • The business contract and the company's law.
  • Processing of the office established by the free zone country authorities
  • Getting a certificate of non-objection from the Department of Environment, Health, Protection, and Civil Engineering
  • Paying for the Fees
  • Payment of the business contract fee and the company's ordinance
  • Other Document on Bank Demand