Fujairah Free Zone Company Setup

Fujairah is a great place to Freezones.

For commerce, Fujairah free zone business formation makes sense, as it is the only emirate that borders the Gulf of Oman on all sides. United Arab Emirates' fifth-biggest emirate, Fujairah, has a population of about 200,000 traders of ships and ship-related services make up the bulk of Fujairah's economy. As a result of improved connection and accessibility for different Gulf nations, this is a business-friendly environment.

Fujairah has three free zones with businesses like manufacturing, commerce, information technology, communication, logistics, and business services.

Fujairah Free Zones: Types of Free Zone

Fujairah FreeZone is the city of creativity.

Your firm will be 100% owned by PRO GCC UAE when you establish it in Fujairah's creative city; among the activities covered in the Creative City FreeZone, Fujairah is advertising, architectural and technology, audio and visual, broadcasting and education services, information technology, and online services, film/production/post-production, music, and entertainment, among others.

International Fujairah FreeZone (IFZA)

There is a free zone in Fujairah called the International Fujairah FreeZone (IFZA). As a bonus, you'll enjoy lower taxes and ownership, as well as no import or export fees, free customs duties, and more. Experts in the field of business consulting are available at To help you through the whole process of establishing a business in IFZA, including (International FreeZone Authority).

Fujairah FreeZone Authority (FFZA)

Since the Fujairah FreeZone Authority (FFZA) is located near the Fujairah Port and the Fujairah International Airport, it offers unique company establishment platforms. Because of this, the Gulf States may be accessed by water and air. FFZA offers a cost-effective and efficient way to start a business with a Fujairah FreeZone company; establishment processes are well-understood and well-practice

List Of Fujairah Freezones

  • Fujairah Free Zone (FFZA)
  • International Free Zone (IFZA)
  • Fujairah Creative City Free Zone