General Trade License Dubai

General Trade License in Dubai UAE meets people's basic needs by transporting goods from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. We can help you in general trading for individuals, providing goods of all kinds and making them accessible, delivering them at the time, place, and price that suit the individual. Trade connects the consumer and the product, where the consumer information of the latest products and goods through advertising on the goods. The product gets consumer reactions through Dubai General Trade License for sale surveys conducted on the marketing of goods.

Types of Domestic General trade License:

The concept of General trade license cost 15,000 AED to 50,000 AED reflects the commercial processes in which goods are traded between traders in the domestic market within a specific geographical area. General trade license activities are divided into two types, as follows.

  • General Retail Trading: The amount of goods traded in this type of trade is limited and more diminutive than wholesale goods. The retailer buys quantities that suit the market need and sells them to consumers, where the retailer is the link between wholesalers and consumers. Foreign Trade The concept of foreign trade reflects trade operations in which goods are trading between two different countries, and foreign trade is divided into three types, as follows:
  • Export General Trade: This trade refers to the activity under which goods are sold from within a country beyond their borders.
  • Import General trade: This trade relates to the commercial activity under which goods are purchased from another country and brought to the home country.
  • Transit General trade: This trade relates to the commercial activity through which the goods are transported by an intermediary trader from one country of origin to another, processed, and then transported to the importing country. E-commerce E-commerce refers to online business activities through the exchange of goods for sale and purchase
  • It is a digital version of shopping, e-commerce provides everything consumers need, such as books, flight bookings, and various financial services, and e-commerce facilitates shopping for the buyer, where shopping will do at any time. It expands the online shopping circuit to include more stores and goods.
E-commerce Dubai General Trade License is branched out into several types as follows:
  1. From companies to the merchant (B2B): The sale of goods in this type of e-commerce is carried out from the company's website to a broker who is often a wholesaler who sells these goods to consumers.
  2. From companies to consumers (B2C): Dealing in this type of e-commerce is directly between the company through its website and consumers without a broker, by browsing the consumer website. Selecting its commodity. Ordering it directly through the company's website.
  3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C): Purchases in the e-commerce goods between one consumer and another by posting commodity information by a consumer on a website and purchased by another consumer.
  4. Consumer to Corporate (C2B): In this type of e-commerce, the consumer provides services to companies for an estimated amount of money based on the kind of service.
  5. From companies to government (B2G): Dealing in this type of e-commerce is between companies and the government. Information is an exchange between companies and the government through government-approved websites that allow companies to apply to the government.
  6. Government-to-corporate (G2B): Dealing in this type of e-commerce is between government and business, but government-approved websites are for auctions, tenders, and job applications.
  7. Government to Citizen (G2C): Dealing in this type of e-commerce is between the government and the citizen to save citizens time to obtain government services through government websites.
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