Industrial License in Dubai

Get your Industrial License In Dubai

In the commercial sector, the UAE is developing rapidly. Commercial businesses are growing, and a license is required when a new industry is established. As of now, the UAE issues permits to operate in industries such as manufacturing, import and export, domestic worker, freelance employment, etc. has it (DED). For firms seeking an industrial license in Dubai, our Dubai law company provides legal support with the application process.

What are the application requirements for Dubai industrial license?

Be careful to meet all the conditions listed below before applying for an industrial license. These are the ones:

  • Fifty-one percent local sponsor: Your firm must have a 51 percent local sponsor. This is a condition that can't be avoided by any means. For the remaining 49 percent, international investors or industrial license holders may own the stock.
  • In order to obtain an industrial license, you must have a physical office and a warehouse located inside the city limits of Dubai. We do not accept virtual offices.
  • A local license is required for the use of this website. Local industrial licenses are required in the region where your firm is located.
  • Capital: There must be a minimum of AED 250,000 in your company's equity.
  • Workers: It is required that the firm have at least ten employees.
  • You must have machinery of 5 horsepower.

Documents required to get an industrial license in Dubai.

In addition to factory plans and information on how to finance it, the report includes information on the tools of production, production costs, and capital, as well as information on how to finance it. Personnel data and any other relevant information might also be included.

  • Non-citizens must provide a copy of their passport and proof of residency, while citizens must provide a summary of their registration.
  • Association contract Feasibility study (if it is an association firm)
  • The commercial license in its entirety
  • Copy of general equilibrium
  • An approving vote from the National Media Council
  • An approving vote from the Ministry of Health
  • An approving vote from the Ministry of Environment and Water is designed to make it easy to establish a new business in the UAE. For local and international entrepreneurs, our team of experienced advisers is available to give complete support. The consequence is a tight working relationship between customers and us from the conception of a commercial idea through its effective execution. It will also tell you how to do it start a corporation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Business Setup Consultant and the PRO Service Provider in the United Arab Emirates are well-known. A comprehensive variety of business management services are provided in a professional manner to help people and businesses establish themselves in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Local sponsorship is our primary business, and we're here to assist you with all of your PRO-related operations in a fast and efficient manner. If you're interested in local sponsorship, we'd love for you to work with us under the supervision of our business developers and advisers.