JAFZA Offshore Company Formation

With its own set of rules, JAFZA is one of Dubai's fastest-growing free zones. According to the JAFZA offshore business laws, the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) launched the JAFZA offshore company in Offshore companies can be formed by individuals or corporations as a non-resident business with a corporate legal entity under the Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations of 2003. One of the authorized Registered Agents can help a client set up an offshore business. Having a JAFZA offshore business allows you to trade globally and own real estate in Dubai's Emirate. It is permissible to have Additionally, JAFZA offshore business is permitted to possess and manage a Dubai-based bank account,

Incorporating a JAFZA offshore has a number of advantages

  • One hundred percent foreign ownership is authorized with no minimum capital
  • JAFZA offshore corporation can be used to register a Dubai property
  • Taxes and duties are exempt
  • Exchange rates are unrestricted
  • A reduction in the number of
  • Ease of operation & maintenance
  • Confidentiality and discretion are
  • Opening a corporate bank account in Dubai is easy.

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