Non resident account

Another option non resident account that can be considered is banking with an international bank that will allow you to open an international/overseas account before traveling. Still, most likely, no checkbook will be issued until the residence visa is issued, so it is best to check the Bank about how long it will be taken to issue a checkbook, especially if there are material obligations that must be completed at specific times such as paying the rental allowance, paying tuition fees and other things.


Opening a non resident bank account in the UAE requires foreigners to have a residence visa, but the following is excluded from this case;

  • If the residence visa is on its way to the issuance
  • If the workplace business is on the Banks lists
  • If the applicant is a bank employee We can help you to open an account in UAE for all emirates. Let us know for any query you have in your mind about banking accounts opening procedure


Before opening a bank account in the UAE, you must choose a bank that suits the account holder's wants and needs. There is a range of circumstances that need to be taken into account before deciding what the Bank is dealing with:

  • Services provided by the Bank
  • Access to branches and ATMs near the workplace or residence and the timing of work in those branches
  • Bank requirements such as minimum balance, minimum salary, or company registration in the Bank's corporate lists to open an account or obtain a loan
  • How well and when the customer service department responds and the department's working hours, both within branches and by phone (which may be crowded outside the country at certain times)
  • Benefits and rewards associated with services
  • Profit and interest rates, account opening expenses, and any other expenses not disclosed by the Bank
  • Once these points have been identified and confirmed, you can choose the best Bank to open a non resident current account in the UAE or the best Bank to open a company account in the UAE with the help of PRO GCC.