Non Resident Loan

Banks give loans to non-resident.

Get a non-resident loan and personal financing from now on without having to transfer your salary in the UAE, where the UAE tries to provide more simplicity and regularity to all its services provided to the people, and from these roots that give aid transferring salary or transferring a monthly specific wage are:

  • Commercial Bank.
  • Islamic Bank.
  • National Islamic Finance.
  • Ajman Bank.
  • Crescent Bank.
  • Gulf France.
  • Arab Bank.
  • Dubai Commercial Bank.

Personal loans for non-resident

Many UAE residents are looking for a personal loan or private financing without a pay transfer. The loan process may help many of us get what we want to achieve different actions; you can get personal loans without transferring a salary in the UAE. Still, the salary problem hinders a lot; anymore you can enjoy your compensation without any obstacles, and from these personal loans in the UAE without a pay

PRO GCC Easy Process Non-Resident Loan

This process is easy for non-UAE residents to obtain financing. Suppose you are a non-resident and would like real estate investment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other emirate. In that circumstance, we will ask you for a 3-month bank statement proving affordability and a photocopy of your passport. And you will on the way you need. For more info contact us or visit our Dubai Office!

Dubai PRO GCC Non-Resident Loan

  1. This funding is available for rent, medicine, travel, education, weddings.
  2. Minimum salary AED 3,000
  3. Salary transfer number
  4. Maximum funding AED 1,000,000
  5. Administrative fees AED 1,000
  6. Decreasing/constant checking
  7. From 6% per annum fixed ratio (approximated)
  8. From 11% by annum reducing (as stated)
  9. First payment fee 1%
  10. Extended repayment period
  11. The interest charge is calculated by pay.