Offshore Account

Bank offshore account will allow you to open an online account without visiting the jurisdiction of your choice in character. To open an outside multi-currency bank account online, most banks will ask for the following documents for your account and the business account.

Documents required opening a personal or companying Offshore Account

  • A prepared application form.
  • Industry form.
  • Online banking information.
  • Attested copy of a valid passport.
  • Original utility bill
  • Original private banking reference, issued on standard paper from the bank. The message should include data about the account name, account type, account availability date, how the account is performed, and whether the version is in a good position.
  • A formal letter of recommendation from a chartered accountant or lawyer who has known you professionally for at least 2 years.
  • Some banks are asking an initial deposit.

Offshore banking is widespread.

Millions of citizens have offshore accounts for banking is not only for the highest percentage. Offshore banking is available to anyone and anyone who wants to take advantage of the many benefits. Many foreign banks give a minimum deposit. Thus, they make the right choice for anyone who has the passion to create an account abroad. Offshore banking uses a banking system in a different Country from the one in which you reside; There are many business and legal benefits to offshore banking. It is essential to keep your account in an offshore company with limited liability and trust. If you are looking for the best interest rates for an offshore bank account, likely, Belize will not be on that list. Based on the ability of your choice, this company PRO GCC has relationships with secure offshore banks In UAE and worldwide that provide the utmost stability and security. Offshore banks or banks refer to many banking and investment businesses. They are available in countries and fields other than the candidate's home. Technically, one can think of any offshore bank when it meets the above standards. Most educated business people have known them for the support of political and financial security and asset assurance. Let try with us for a fast procedure!