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Dubai Company Quality Assurance in Business for investors and partners

Auditing financial statements and Dubai quality assurance company and services for your business partner to give the financial statements high confidence in front of the partners and users of the financial statements.

Auditing of financial statements

We are exercising the required professional care, independence, and commitment to the ethics of the auditing profession; which are our firm's approaches to carrying out auditing work? We recognize that our work independence plays a vital role in increasing confidence between providers and users of financial data.

We design our audit to provide our clients with the following:

Solid and modern opportunities to improve financial performance, internal control, risk management, and good governance.

Client management is PRO GCC Responsibility

The client's enterprise board of directors is responsible for preparing and fair presentation of these financial statements following International Financial Reporting Standards. This responsibility includes designing, implementing, and maintaining an internal control system related to the preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements free from material errors, whether resulting from fraud or mistake and choosing and applying appropriate accounting policies and making reasonable accounting estimates circumstances. The administration also acknowledges that it has put the PRO GCC Accounting and Auditing office team at the disposal of all the documents and transactions necessary to audit the accounts. The validity of the information and records is under the full responsibility of the client's management. In this regard, the client's management agrees to release the PRO GCC office and its employees from any responsibility, obligation, or costs related to its services under this letter due to incorrect data that the administration provides to our office.

Our Responsibility

We have to dispatch an impression on these business statements based on our inspection under international auditing standards, which require us to adhere to the rules of professional conduct and plan and implement the audit work to obtain reasonable quality assurance in Dubai Business that the financial statements are free from material misstatement. The audit includes undertaking procedures to obtain evidence supporting the amounts and explanations contained in the financial statements. The choice of these procedures based on the auditor's judgment includes assessing the risks of material errors in the financial statements, whether resulting from fraud or mistake, taking into account the customer's internal control system. To design financial statement audit procedures appropriate to the circumstances and not to express an opinion on the effectiveness of the client's internal control system. An audit also includes evaluating the suitability of accounting methods utilized and the reasonableness of accounting assessments conducted by the administration and estimating the overall performance of the financial statements.

The Objective of Quality Assurance Services of the Investor and Partner Audit

It is examining the financial statements by the PRO GCC Accounting and Auditing Office to express a professional opinion on whether the financial statements as a scope of generally accepted accounting policies and applicable laws to give a fair quality assurance company and honest picture of the financial position and business results.

Our General principles of Quality Assuring Business Audit

Due to the lack of local auditing standards applied in the Palestinian National Authority regions, we use the International Federation of Accountants. Each member of the accounting firm must adhere to the standards, and when there is difficulty in compliance by the member of the office, he must discuss this with the beneficial partner.

  • Independence, impartiality, and objectivity.
  • Honesty.
  • Confidentiality.
  • The exercise required professional care.
  • Skill and competence.

The extent of adherence to international accounting standards

It includes an assessment of the area of:

Continuity assessment

  1. Financial indicators.
  2. Operating indicators.
  3. Other indications.
  4. Other questions related to continuity, subsequent events, and legal matters.
  5. Audit plan
  6. They include:
  7. Understand the client's business.
  8. Schematic analysis.
  9. Calculate the materiality index.
  10. Objectives of Sensitive Review.
  11. Assessment of the control environment.
  12. Basic Control Assessment.
  13. Selection of assertions to assess the risk of censorship.
  14. Study customer service issues.
  15. Documenting planning decisions.
  16. Approval of the plan.
  17. Submit reports

Reports issuance:

When the partner is satisfied that the audit risk reduced to the required level, and upon our commitment to the institution's requirements and other professional requirements, we issue our opinion on the financial statements.

Issuance of the Management Book:

In addition to issuing a report on our opinion on the financial statements, we may give a letter to management on accounting and internal control matters during the audit process or upon completion of the audit.