Salary Account

A salary account is an account in which your salary is deposited. In general, banks in the UAE welcoming such funds at the request of large companies. Corporate employees receive their wages and can operate them themselves. Business accounts each company requires a money management system. Commercial funds in the UAE are used to track money owed to businesses and creditors, cash balance, payrolls granted to employees, etc. If you are a paid employee and transfer your salary to your Dubai Islamic Bank account, you can apply for Islamic funding in advance. The Islamic Pre-Offered Salary Service is a service that allows you to withdraw a salary provided up to a net monthly salary of up to 90%, so that you can benefit from it when you need a cash amount and can be withdrawn from any ATM or received by cheque from any of our branches. These facilities can be utilized each month because the amount received is entirely paid by the end of the month.

17 Terms and conditions for Salary Account in Dubai UAE

  1. In addition to the general terms of the bank accounts, which are considered to be included in these terms, they do not conflict with them. These conditions apply to all advance salary withdrawals granted by Dubai Bank.
  2. Granting the service "Withdrawal of salary in advance from the bank" to individuals only, individuals intend to bank customers transferred their salaries on it from any employer acceptable to the Bank and subject to the granting of the service to the terms and approval of the Bank.
  3. The customer must keep his salary transferred to the Bank by salary account and pledges not to transfer it to any bank or financial institution except with the Bank's written approval.
  4. I/We confirm and definitively agree that these funding and financing facilities have been obtained/acquired and are in the process of obtaining/acquiring it to be/being an employee/employee and working/working with and with my current employer and current employer to me/us. I confirm/confirm and agree in a manner that during the duration of this funding and financing facilities, In the event of a change of job and employer and/or change to a different company and/or if no salaried officer is any longer employed, the Bank has the right to request and obtain any additional documents by the Bank's requirements and to settle the amounts due regarding the amount of financing or financing facilities from my severance bonus and private/us pension with the Bank or received or transferred to the Bank by my employer or former employer/builder.
  5. The full amount withdrawn is covered in advance when the customer's current account is deposited, but not more than the last day of the same month or the first day at the beginning of the following month.
  6. The Bank receives a lump sum (advertised and offered at bank branches) as a payment for the documentation service without considering the withdrawal amount or the duration of the service. The customer acknowledges and declares that the Bank has delegated the full and complete authority to deduct all its dues for the service of "withdrawing salary in advance from the Islamic," which is the amount is withdrawn plus the expenses and fees of the service from its current account below or from any of its other credit accounts (current/investment savings) and in any currency, without requiring reference to it or obtaining its consent.
  7. This request is made for the service only once, and if the customer wishes to receive the service more than once, he or she must apply at a time.
  8. The Bank offers the customer a service; Withdrawing the salary in advance from the Islamist; Within the limits of net salary account after deducting all other benefits, the withdrawal shall not exceed an amount announced and offered in the branches of the Bank, in the event of any negative changes to the salary transferred to the Bank by decrease or deduction and so that the deposited amount will be less than the agreed salary. The Bank may reduce or cancel the withdrawal amount as it deems without notifying the customer.
  9. The currency of the service "Withdrawal of salary in advance from The Islamic" is dirhams and may not request the withdrawal provided in any other currency. However, the Bank has the right to deduct its rights and dues resulting from the withdrawal provided by any client/client accounts (current/investment savings) in any foreign currency, to be transferred to the dirham at the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal.
  10. The Bank has right to change these terms, including adjusting the value of the fees mentioned in section "Vi" at any time without reference to the customer, with the announcement and presentation of the bank branches and becoming effective from the date of this notification.
  11. The Bank has the right to request any other guarantees in addition to the customer's salary transferred to the Bank to ensure its right to collect the salary paid in advance from Dubai salary account, and the customer must commit to providing it to the Bank at any time even after the service has been granted to it.
  12. The Bank's delay, neglect of the client, the opportunity to pay or settle his current account does not in any way amount to a waiver of the Bank's right to initiate any legal proceedings against the customer. It does not amount to a waiver of those rights for the benefit of the customer, and the customer shall bear all the judicial expenses and lawyers' fees incurred by the Bank due to its breach of payment of the granted amount.
  13. The customer's signature on this request and these conditions (on any of the channels) acknowledges that he has seen it and learned of its meaning and significance and has acknowledged it all.
  14. These conditions are subject to the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the directions and orders of the UAE Central Bank. Which does not clash with the provisions of Islamic law as applied by the Bank's Fatwa and Shariah Control Authority and has jurisdiction over the courts of the United Arab Emirates.
  15. In any dispute between the Arabic and English texts, the Arabic text commands to the extent that it eliminates the conflict.
  16. To avoid doubt, in the event of negligence on any amount due and duty to pay in connection with the Islamic salary departure service, the Bank may appoint and authorize debt collection agents (within or outside the UAE) to collect the amounts referred to to the Bank. The customer authorizes the Bank definitively and thoroughly to provide debt collection agents with any necessary information or documents about this financing/withdrawal of salary in progress from The Islamic or any other account (accounts) in the name of the Bank's client.
  17. I/we delegate/ delegate, confirm/ confirm, and agree / Agree that the Bank (which means to avoid doubt Dubai Islamic Bank, its local or foreign branches, subsidiaries, representative offices, it or their agents and any third parties chosen by us or chosen by the Bank) obtain my permission / from us to obtain any information related to this request and verification Of which anyone may see the Bank as appropriate (e.g., local or international authority, credit reference agency or anyone/other entity that retains this information) and give any such information to any local or international authority, service provider, person or other entity to provide any product or services to me/us about this application (including data processing).