Small and Large Co-working Office Space

Co-working office spaces are one of the side sectors that emerged in light of the renaissance of the freelance business. Building a successful startup without outside help is impossible. Entrepreneurs need a positive work environment, stable infrastructure, a support system, and a lot of inspiration. This is exactly what co working spaces offer for teams today, and all of these things are in one place. Our office space packages are designed with high value and flexible terms to suit your business needs. You are looking for small or big office space, in the short or long time, office solutions will help your companies thrive and grow in one of the most vibrant business centers in the Middle East. We've gathered most of the co-working spaces in the UAE, especially those that focus on teamwork - meaning that there are no useless workspaces and no membership-based spaces reserved only for startups in the incubation period only. These spaces offer different services, from a simple workplace office to a vibrant community of events.

The PRO GCC Dubai co-working space is the result of a partnership between PRO GCC UAE, a startup support organization, A Dubai Multi Commodities Center. This space, which was started in October 2021 in Dubai UAE, aims to support startups planning to expand outside Dubai and international companies seeking to enter the Arab region. This ample, quiet space includes an area for serious BUSINESSMAN, a set of connected screens, basic office needs in partnership with a training room that consists of the coffee services internally and externally. Space also hosts events focused on startups. This space can be attained for several months, and the most comprehensive packages include a DMCC free zone license, private office desks, field guidance, and working hours.

Advantages of the Shared Office Space Package

  • Licensing, registration, and insurance
  • Fully equipped offices
  • Information technology equipment and services
  • Cleaning services
  • Parking


The benefits of a co-working space are numerous. However, co-working office spaces are often not the first recommendation to consider business productivity opportunities. For many businesses, maybe yours, they should be. This is especially true in 2021 as more companies have had to partially or entirely focus on remote operations in the past year and need new, flexible office spaces. Workspaces are the new trend of ineffective business models. It is a shared office area available to companies who want to reduce their expenses by reducing their overhead costs. You pay a small monthly rental fee with a co-working office space to access a co-working space with other members. It works just like a standing office - without all of the time and money that comes with it.


A study by Small Business Labs shows that 80% of co-workers report that they turn to their co-workers for work guidance. This is a large number of business owners who are leveraging workspaces to support their business decisions and gain new insights into their industry.