Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) Approval Services

Hire PRO GCC for SPC approval services allow a business with the movement of “Onshore also Offshore Oil & Gas Field & Facilities Services” and are needed if a company wants to act with ADNOC or any business associated with ADNOC. The SPC was set under law can structure and regulate petroleum-related policies, aims, and projects in Abu Dhabi. The Council also operates as the ADNOC Board of Directors and is liable for the company’s policy and economic performance. The Supreme Petroleum Council approval services reviewed the qualitative shift achieved by ADNOC in its activities in the field of marketing, supply, trading and continuous development it achieves to provide more services and products to customers to maximize the value of every barrel of oil produced, refined and sold as ADNOC has become more integrated in the fields of shipping, logistics, storage, trade and trading.

By establishing two new Trading businesses:

ADNOC Trading and ADNOC Global Trading. ADNOC also plans to expand its shipping capabilities by purchasing a fleet of crude oil tankers through ADNOC Supply and approval Services, providing new long-term revenue streams as it enters a new sector to support the growing demand for its products and their transition to trade and trading. The announcement of the Supreme Petroleum Council approval in 2021 to discover large quantities of non-conventional and recoverable oil resources. ADNOC's efficiency in accelerating the exploration and development of Abu Dhabi's unconventional hydrocarbon resources is a major achievement for the development of the country's non-traditional resource sector.

SPC Service for Affiliate Company

SPC Approval service for the transfer of an affiliate company which allows the user (establishments workers - expatriates, private expatriates) to approve or reject the request to transfer the affiliate service without the need to visit the labor office (the current procedure before the service)

The Council is concerned with deciding on all matters of oil, Gas and other hydrocarbons, for example:

Identifying and approving the policies and strategies of oil, gas and other hydrocarbons in the light of national circumstances and interests, including determining production quantities and approving plans for pricing different sources of fuel and values in the Abu Dhabi.