Trade License Dubai Fees

Start license Trade fees in Dubai from 15 thousand AED, taking into account the fee booking name trade at $ 620 for a period of 6 months, and initial approval of 120 AED for six months, and the value of e - incorporation contract fee printing of AED 500 AED.

Climate Change for Trade Licenser

As we know, the UAE exports of products to the world reached 246 million dirhams in 2019. According to specialized global estimates, the global demand for these products is expected to increase about 5.3% during the time period from 2020 to 2025, especially in the markets of the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Commercial licenses and those concerned with working in general trade.
  • Industrial licenses and concerned with the various industrial activities carried out by companies.
  • Concerned licenses intended for craftsmen and professionals in various professions.
  • Tourist licenses intended for the benefit of tourism and hospitality companies.

How to issue a commercial Trade license in Dubai

There are procedures that must be followed in order to issue the Dubai Trade license, including: , Determine the nature of your economic activity, whether it is commercial, industrial, tourist or related. , Verifying the legal form of the company or institution and identifying the investors participating in the economic activity and their legal status. , Reserve the trade name and obtain payment permission.

Trade license fees in Dubai

Those wishing to obtain a commercial trade license in Dubai must first pay the value of the licenses, which start from fifteen thousand dirhams, and there are other fees that must be paid to start commercial activities, including:

  • Paying the trade name reservation fee of 620 dirhams for a period of no less than 6 months.
  • Pay the initial approval fee of up to 120 dirhams.
  • Payment of incorporation contracts fees of up to 500 dirhams.