Trade License Renewal Online Dubai

Dubai Economic Department Trade License Renewal

Aimed at facilitating and simplifying the trade license renewal online process in Dubai; So that the renewal can be in one action within a couple of minutes to meet the needs of the modern and latent business community by obtaining a text message to renew the license and give electronically, and the leadership decreased the expense of automatic renewal by higher than 60%. The service achieved at a rate of 90% in the customer satisfaction index and a vast improvement in other performance indicators: 82,994 licenses benefited from implementing the initiative over five days.

Automatic renewal initiative submitted by the Department of Economic Development

For commercial activities in Dubai, especially the general trade activity, through electronic services only, from 3000 to 250 dirhams only, and in the event of license renewal, a decrease of about 92%. Dubai Economy stated that the immediate license provides the option to issue an electronic memorandum of incorporation, obtain the license and commercial register for the company, and membership of the Dubai Commerce Industry. He was also able to get the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs establishment card immediately and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratizations. In addition, the customer receives a text message after the issuance of the license approving three permits for employees. According to the distribution of economic activities for automatically renewed licenses during the first half of 2019, the report showed the most prominent commercial activities, which are: general trade, trade of perfumes and cosmetics, ready-to-wear trade, gift trade, and Dyes and paints, watches and spare parts trading, textile and fabrics trade, floor and wall paving works, carpentry and flooring works, and plumbing and sanitary installations works.

Advanced Automatic Renewal Services in Dubai

There are four economic activities of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, which are not covered by the advanced automatic trade license renewal service Dubai: passenger transport by public taxi, passenger transport in luxury cars, car rental, and non-emergency passenger transportation services. It also includes two activities for the Department of Tourism and Trade Promotion: organizing domestic tourism and organizing foreign tourism trips. The automatic Dubai license renewal service consists of all licenses that share the same site license.