Trade License Service

Business Trade Licensing

Specific legal papers need to be submitted to the Customs Authority to approve the transfer of goods into the country. Certificate of origin for imported goods, Commercial bills, Delivery permits, Permits obtained, and complete packing list. These documents can be submitted electronically or assigned to the competent customs clearance offices. These offices can follow up on the necessary procedures and submit the required papers. Goods exempt from customs in the UAE Having business trade licensing for Custom exemptions are projections of fees and taxes paid on goods. There are some cases where these fees will be under the laws of the Federal Customs Authority. The payment of personal baggage fees applying to particular conditions: The value of this baggage does not exceed AED 3000 to be fully confidential. The traveler must be unable to trade. Alcohol and cigarettes considering with 4 liters of alcohol and 400 cigarettes per passenger. Cigarettes and alcohol are not allowed for those under the age of 18. The requirements of charities also receive customs exemptions. There are diplomatic and military exemptions as well. To provide facilities for industrial projects, construction materials, spare parts, and equipment are also exempt. Also, packaging materials and semi-finished products that serve the industrial area of UAE. These exemptions are remaining for the duration of the industrial project and its operation only.

Businesses are trading goods under licensing.

There are some businesses trading goods under licensing that the UAE prohibits importing altogether, including Works of art that are hostile to the values of the Islamic religion, endangered animals, and some ferocious dog breeds, materials that are used in magic, narcotics, Securities, and counterfeit currency, things which used in gambling. There are special conditions and laws and strict control before import or export within the business trade licensing, such as Pets. Before it, you must obtain approval from the Ministry of Environment and submit various documents such as a health book for each animal and others. Cars: There are a lot of procedures to be done before importing or exporting cars. Agricultural products Must collect a permit before it from the Ministry of Environment.