Trading Account

Trading bank account opening requirements Offshore company or trading accounts and internal company account. There are many differences between external and internal bank accounts. Dubai Overseas Company accounts are less expensive than the bank accounts of a local company. But opening this account is difficult because of the high minimum account balance. The Trading company's internal performance in Dubai is more expensive but can help you get a visa in the UAE. It is also helpful to have the freedom to choose banks and the minimum account balance requirements. Essential documents for opening a corporate bank account: Introduction of the platform (AoA) and founding contract (MoA) Ownership documents along with company structure documents. The records show the source of the funds invested in the company. Information on the industry experience of the company's owners. Standard personal papers for the company's shareholders. Explain the trading company's planned activities.

Currency trading account

Opening a currency trading account in a licensed business in the UAE. PRO GCC UAE is the best currency trading company in the UAE also outside the UAE because it is an Emirati office-based company licensed in the UAE registered in the Department of Economic Development in UAE. The license of the Bank of the UAE is one of the most strong licenses of brokerage businesses in the world, so why do we trade in other organizations that do not know the extent of their credibility?.

What Can You Trade?

You can trade cryptocurrencies, foreign currencies, contracts, metals, differences, oil, gold, etc., and considered the best digital currency trading company in addition to foreign currency because it is a licensed and guaranteed Emirati company. Indeed, the moment you complete the first phase of registration, you will be contacted by phone through your account manager at the PRO-GCC Company and will be in touch with you permanently via telephone, email, and WhatsApp to help you trade, deposit, and educate you if you are a beginner and do not hesitate to contact us if you want any external help or portfolio management with award profit rates through WhatsApp. For detail info let us now!