Vehicle Loan

Looking for your first vehicle loan or investing in a fleet of vehicles, we have a broad range of Vehicle Loan plans and payment choices that suit all personal and commercial needs.

Vehicle Loan required documents include:

  • Personal/business bank statement.
  • Salary certificate/ salary notice
  • Passport and copy of the registration summary.
  • Valid accommodation.
  • United Arab Emirates ID card.
  • Demand for the car to be purchased.
  • Commercial license/record of understanding/company contract.

Vehicle Loan for Salary and Self Employ

With a minimum salary of AED 3,000 and no salary transfer demand, PRO GCC vehicle finance service is designed to suit each buyer, providing car financing opportunities for individual clients with a financing period of up to 5 years or more. Current Terms and conditions apply. Vehicle Loan Available for commercial vehicle financing, personal car financing, new and used vehicles, buses, heavy equipment, trucks, and more. Choosing to finance insurance and other finance associates are also available.

Our Vehicle Finance Branches

Easy access through our branches and the availability of car finance staff in all primary consultants in the country ensure that obtaining your car loan is easy and just a signature.

Procedure for Vehicle Loan

When it comes to Vehicle Loans, we've made things easy to get the process done faster in UAE. Our authentication process is simple and easy but may vary depending on the eligibility criteria and vehicle that is funded.


Salaried employees, businesspeople, companies, car rental businesses, and heavy equipment companies are all eligible. The minimum amount of funding starts from AED 3,000. PRO GCC Provide Vehicle Loan Facility on its on Behalf If you belong outside of UAE, PRO GCC can help you complete documentation to get a vehicle loan, but we need some references and bank deposit guarantees. For more information contact us at our given numbers available on your computer or mobile screen. And get a prompt response for the collection of vehicle and vehicle loans plan. Our network chain business offices are located in different countries also available in 2 emirates in UAE. We hope you will inspire by our services to get your desire loan fast.