Visa permission to the UAE

Visa Requirements for applying for visitor entry permission

The following access UAE Visa permission requirements include:

  • A sponsor will apply for entry permission on your behalf. This sponsor may be: Emirati, a Resident expat, enjoying a valid stay in the UAE, One of the airlines based in the UAE, UAE-based hotels or tour companies, Government agencies, Private sector companies and institutions, and/or free zones
  • Official passport with a validity of at least six months
  • Not to be banned from entering the State or deported in advance except with new approval to enter the State

Statement of disclaimer:

UAE Visa permissions rules are subject to change. Therefore, it is recommended for visitors and customers from outside the UAE to inquire from embassies and consulates of the UAE in their country. Customers from abroad or in the UAE can also inquire by communicating with the Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality.

Preventing the practice of working on a visit or tourism visa

UAE law prohibits visiting individuals and tourists from working in the country while visiting or tourism visa permission status, whether for a fee or without it, and the offender is fined and deported. Furthermore, companies that employ visitors who are in tourist or visitor status are also subject to accountability and fines. In addition, under UAE labor law and UAE residency laws, a person can only work within the UAE after issuing a permit and work visa from the relevant authority.

What kind of entry permission do you need?

The entry permission you need to obtain from the General Administration of Residence and Foreign Affairs depends on visiting the UAE. Therefore, entry permission requests were submitted for several purposes, including:

  1. Tourism, applied through airlines, travel, and tourism agencies
  2. Visit, introduced by a relative or friend
  3. Transit, transit visa permission by an airline based in the UAE
  4. Work, in this case, a work visa will be issued by the employer

Residence permits for a virtual work permit

The UAE government has introduced the first virtual work permit of its kind in the region, enabling foreigners to enter the UAE on personal bail, stay there for one year, and exercise their default function following Dubai UAE visa permission requirements and regulations. This trend will attract minds and talented people and employ expertise and human resources to work remotely to achieve and raise productivity in the national economy and other vital sectors. Furthermore, the issuance of the new residence permit is a qualitative step to support the future of the business, facilitate its practice, and enhance its competitiveness, especially for remotely operating groups, allowing a large segment of skilled and entrepreneurial people to move to the UAE and experience an advanced level of professional and personal life in an environment that values talent and innovative business ideas. Don't hesitate to get in touch with PRO GCC for more information on the virtual work permit.