Abu Dhabi Free Zone Company Setup

Invest in Abu Dhabi Free Zones and grow your business

This emirate has 80 percent of the country's land due to its status as the capital of all seven emirates. The Abu Dhabi Free Zones, in particular, provide an excellent and large environment for individuals who wish to start a business there. Establishing a business in a free zone in Abu Dhabi comes with additional benefits like incentives and facilities for Free zone business creation in Abu Dhabi is the driving force behind the emirate's economic growth and foreign investment growth.

Abu Dhabi Free Zones

Actually, there are numerous free zones in Abu Dhabi, each of which issues business permits for Businesses in Abu Dhabi can take use of the services provided by PRO GCC UAE in any of the free zones.

Abu Dhabi has the following free zones:

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi:

KIZAD's excellent position and low operational costs attract global investment. In between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the KIZAD free zone is located. Due to the absence of personal and company taxes in KIZAD, establishing a business In the long run, will be a superior choice for

Masdar City Free Zone:

As a major center for enterprises, Masdar City Free Zone is considered by many to be one of the. This company specializes in renewable energy products for the green future of the United Arab Emirates The Masdar City Free Zone is looking for companies that wish to start a company there. Business-friendly conditions will be found there. It is possible to obtain licensing packages that are extremely cost-effective and include with

TwoFour54 Free Zone:

In Abu Dhabi, the free zone TwoFour54 places a greater emphasis on media and entertainment businesses that have the appropriate business permits. Full foreign ownership is allowed in this free zone and with zero taxes.

List Of Abu Dhabi Free Zones

  • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi
  • Masdar City Free Zone
  • TwoFour54 Free Zone