Digital Account

The Digital Business Bank (E20.) for Digital Account allows startups, individual owners, independent business owners, skilled economy workers, companies, insurance technology companies, and SMEs to open bank accounts and efficiently meet their daily banking needs through a mobile app, and also access a variety of services that help them manage their business. The UAE is one of the best commercial, financial and technological headquarters in the region, helping to provide the ideal environment for launching a leading digital bank in the UAE.

Documents needed to open Digital Account

  • The original passport or a certified copy of the passport.
  • A letter of no objection from the client's sponsor to open the current Digital Account.
  • The salary document is certified by the employee company of the customer, and in the absence of it,

Advantages of a Digital Account

In addition to providing PRO GCC banking services, The Digital Business Bank (E20.) will provide the necessary digital tools that enable business owners to prepare invoices, track receivables, easily view profit and need data, and implement and settle payments to vendors and suppliers. The Digital Business Bank (E20.) will provide information on VAT dues, expenses, and cash flows to help customers manage their business more efficiently, along with benefits that will help them receive payments faster. In addition, customers can contact the CRM manager 24/7 through the app's live chat service to help them with all their requests. Initially, the E20 trial will be ready by inviting only a select group of entrepreneurs, allowing them to test its key advantages, such as the digital account opening experience, and provide opinions and suggestions about their experience. Developed with joint efforts, the bank will be available to UAE business customers after completing the pilot phase. E20 fits the second digital bank launched by Emirates NBD progress, the region's first mobile platform that combines banking and modern lifestyle to meet the needs of millennial and Generation.

PRO GCC will provide you online services to open your company digital Account in any banking sector of UAE.

The customer must attach one of the following documents:
  • Copy of employment contract or a copy of the date of the examination of the job interview.
  • A salary document for three months lost.
  • A unified letter of recommendation from human resources.
  • The latest account statement for the customer to which the customer's salary has been transferred.