Document Required for UAE Visa

Document Required for processing in Immigration, Employment and other Government Departments

PRO GCC services answer many inquiries about applying for Immigration to the UAE and its detailed document requirements, and what local Government centers provide this assistance. As mentioned earlier, the invitation through Immigration to the UAE is a straightforward process; however, it requires detailed documentation. Therefore, it is considerably easy to temporarily migrate to the UAE either by entry permit or through a residency visa, each with different conditions and features.

Types of Permission To get Immediately Immigration

The validity of the entry permit is two months, i.e., the visitor must enter the State within two months of the issuance of the entry permit, or it will expire. In contrast, the transit permit period is 14 days, meaning that the transit traveler must enter the State within 14 days of its issuance. The duration afforded by each entry permit is also different; for example, transit entry permits enable the visitor to stay in the country for four days, while entry permits let work to remain in the country for two months, during which the sponsor can change the rank of the employee to a residency visa. Suppose the entry status is not changed to a residence visa during the validity of the authorization. In that case, the visitor must leave the State at the end of the entry permit period to avoid penalties or any legal consequences.

The document Required that allows the Traveler to enter in UAE

The Entry Permit is a document that allows the holder to enter the UAE territory and stay there to exercise a specific need for a specified period. It is worth noting that a residence visa issued to a foreigner after entering through one entry point is valid for all UAE territory.

Types of residence visas in the UAE:

Work visa Real estate investor visa Business visa Self-employment visa Dubai Free Zone Visa Transit visa Student visa

Most Important for Immigration is Biometric Passport Documentation

The UAE biometric passport is an official document requirement of the UAE for Immigration. Other country and UAE citizens can apply for renewal of the UAE passport for Immigration and obtain another visa that is an alternative to the lost UAE passport; this document processing is carried out through the authorities responsible for UAE passports, such as the Directorate General of Residency and Foreign Affairs, GDRFA citizenship departments. It can be applied through the PRO GCC online Channels portal website, as well as residence, citizenship, and The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah Airports, UAE and other country citizens can renew the passport in an emergency at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah airports, renew the passport. In case of expiry of passport or visa, if they travel abroad, they can contact the Embassy of the UAE for required documentation in the country where they are available to begin the procedures for renewing the UAE passport.