Credit Card Service UAE

The advantages of getting a UAE credit card are catching advantage of rewards and cashback programs and being a Business tool that significantly impacts the credit record. The advantages of obtaining a credit card are taking advantage of rewards programs such as cashback or other rewards on your card purchases and as a credit tool that significantly impacts your credit record, as it demonstrates your ability to manage debt. On the other hand, credit cards can also negatively affect the purity of the credit record.

Mashreq Bank Smart Saver Smart Savings Card

This card is free for life and gives you several benefits to recover your money, from groceries to billing services. It also allows the holder to recover 10% in intelligent saver stores, which number more than 400 stores in the UAE. You will also receive more rewards by increasing the use of the card during the month. If you spend between AED 7,500 and AED 14,999 per month, you can get 5% of your money back on supermarket bills, 5% in education payments, 5% on bills. If you spend AED 15,000 or more per month, you'll recover 10% on the invoices mentioned above.

PRO GCC offers the best credit cards that give you a cash return in the UAE

Two hundred different local credit cards, each with features from free movie tickets to school fee assistance. Let proceed with popular credit card benefits we see on the PRO GCC is the cashback option. A cash-return credit card allows you to return a balance in exchange for multiple purchases via the credit card, with most cards bearing the cashback rate from the outstanding invoice amount. Some banks will allow you to recover your money in grocery stores or pay your communications or interest bill. To help you discover the world of financial return with credit cards, we have developed a guide to the best credit cards in the UAE that give you this feature

Standard Chartered Titanium Card

You will be obliged to pay AED 500 per year for this card, but you will be able to recover your money immediately. If your first credit card is from Standard Chartered Bank, the bank will give you AED 500 once you meet your minimum spending requirements within the first 60 days. Initially, you can also get a lot of benefits using a titanium card as your regular credit card, allowing you to recover up to 10% of the money on purchases made at any supermarket in the UAE every time you use a titanium card. You will also get 10% of your money when using the card to pay your phone, internet, TV subscription, electricity and water bills, Salk Dubai, and others, in addition to the card providing you with a 10% refund on school fees. Add to this a range of other features such as the opportunity to use the airport lounge, a 50% discount on movies, and a 15% discount on Marka VIP. Surely if you choose this card, you will get one of the strongest cards that give you a financial return in the UAE. Apply on this card now; click here!

National Rak Bank Titanium Card

This card may not provide the same financial return benefits as the last two cards, but it simply does the job. RAK Bank's titanium card is free for life and provides up to 3% of financial returns on all international transactions, including cash advances and Internet transactions. When you use this card in the UAE, you will recover 3% of the financial proceeds on all purchases from retailers, and being free makes it one of the most accessible cards you can subscribe to.

Simply Life Credit Card from ADCB

It is also a free card for life and comes with several significant benefits such as free cinema tickets and hello service upon arrival at the airport lounge. But most importantly, it is one of the most accessible cards in the UAE to benefit from cash returns. All you have to do is make purchases of at least AED 1,000, and you will be eligible for 1.5% of the financial return on all your purchases - up to AED 1,000.