External Audit Services

A professional practitioner (a confident contractor on an External Audit Services agency Dubai contract) based on assisting a third party outside the facility by giving his technical opinion on the fairness of financial statements, and this third party is the proprietors or general assembly of shareholders as well as other companies such as bankers, potential investors, government interests and different controls as well as the management of the facility itself.

  • Legal and regulatory External Audit
  • External Audit for particular purposes
  • Preparing the accounting guide
  • Preparing and reviewing future economic statements
  • Bookkeeping
  • External accounting assistance and support
  • Professional support services for global accounting standards application business
  • Wages and salary services
  • The anti-ignorance survey
  • Agreed system services
  • Confirmation examination trade
  • Supervision and control of settled asset inventory and inventory
  • Set up a fixed asset record

PRO GCC are pleased to provide you with review services

PRO GCC are pleased to provide you with review services These are the rules, procedures, and actions of our professional staff to express an idea about the financial statements of our clients by accepted and customer audit standards and international standards. In addition, the audit work to advise business owners and managers to help them make their decisions and achieve their companies' goals. All audit work begins by recognizing and evaluating the nature of the company's business to be assessed. This helps us make practical proposals for the growth of the company's business, strategic plans, data systems, internal control, and then apply audit systems in line with the requirements of local regulations and rules and international review rules. PRO GCC external audit services for the company's operations by international audit standards and by the provisions. Audit process at quarterly, semi-annual, annual periods. And periodic external Audit. Preparing a technical report on examining statements and financial lists of organizations. Institutions and making conclusions and recommendations. Preparing external audit report on the effectiveness of the internal control system applied in the company under examination. Designing external control systems for companies and institutions. Preparing a guide, plans, and programs for external Audit of companies. Study and evaluate the external control system to preserve the resources and assets of the institution. Providing appropriate corporate departments with monthly reports or, if required, supported by all necessary documents. Study accounting and financial systems to improve and develop the status and effectiveness of accounting and financial statements and work to reach them on time to the company's officials. Developing the laws, regulations, and manual of administrative and economic policies that the organization may need.