Import and export Document Attestation Notary

PRO GCC provides many accessible notary document attestation services for customs clearance work that provide customers with a lot of money, namely, the services provided by PRO GCC Services, Shipping Services, Packaging Services, Customer Goods Storage Services, and Land Freight Services, as well as many other logistics services other than customs clearance service. Let ask for import and export document attestation by Notary in Dubai UAE.

The documents required when importing are

  • Certificate of Origin (CO).
  • Packing list or list of goods.
  • Initial invoice or initial invoice.
  • Commercial invoice or business invoice.
  • Shipping policy.
  • Import License (LI).
  • Import Statement (DI)

Notary Attested Documents of Origin

The documents attested by Notary Dubai of origin is one of the most important certificates on which many businesses depend and is obliged to be present in some countries; the certificate of origin explains the name and address of both the source, importer, product, date, and means of shipping and import and export centers of the product, in addition to the type and quantity of goods charged. The certificate of origin is due to identifying the nationality of the goods set and necessary in customs clearance. The certificate of origin COO is extracted from the Chamber of Commerce of the source country. This is done by submitting a commercial invoice with a packing list and approval by the Chamber of Commerce employees.

Bill of lading shipping policy

The shipping policy is a legal contract or document, concluded and signed by the source of the goods and the shipping company; the shipping policy contains a lot of cargo data such as the cargo port, port of arrival, means of transport, nature of goods and certain specifications and information about packages, boxes, balls and containers loaded with goods, the shipping policy is issued by the shipping company Such as Company and shipping works are signed by the shipping company and the exporter, and after the shipment arrives at the port or airport of receipt the shipping policy is signed by the recipient of the goods or importer. The shipping policy is the contract that preserves the rights of all parties in import or export operations, including the source, importer and shipping company.

Document Attestation on the nature and quality of goods

These certificates are vital as documents and essential attested documents in establishing the nature and quality of the goods shipped during the customs clearance process, whether in the export country or the importing country, such as those certificates:

  1. Health certificates: It is necessary to issue them in cases where the goods exported are food items. The function of that certificate is to know whether the food shipped contains diseases, whether plant or animal and those goods are examined through laboratory analysis of the food charged.
  2. Agricultural certificates: These certificates are requested in the case of the export of crops, seeds, grains or seeds or seeds, which are extremely necessary to complete the customs clearance procedures for those goods, and from the guidelines for the extraction of agricultural certificate:
  3. Approval of the Special Committee for the Rationing of Agricultural Crops.
  4. The presentation of seeds or seeds to the quarantine office, the delivery of the approval of the Committee for the Prevention of Agricultural Crops, and the examination of origins and the confirmation of the absence of pests or diseases in them and also make sure that they conform to the specifications prescribed by the exporting country.
  5. If you make sure there are no pests and ensure that the goods comply with the specifications, the agricultural certificate is issued, and the export permit is made.

Package statement

The statement of the package is a document issued by the factory or the product with the data of all products and goods charged and the number of each product in addition to the weight of the shipment and the name of the importer. The number of the commercial invoices, as the package's statement contains all the specifications of the products, and those specifications must be correct because the goods are examined by the customs authorities and are confirmed to conform to the specifications. The package statement document is one of the most important documents to be submitted from the source for customs release of goods.