Internal Audit Dubai Services

Internal audit services aim to extend the internal control system, monitor the company's compliance with built standards, and verify the effectiveness of the risk evaluation and management system. Internal audit Dubai services include a general review of all financial, administrative, and operational departments through exhaustive field visits and senior management reports.

Internal Audit Planning

  • Distribution of review notification
  • Pre-review conference
  • Conversation department staff
  • Study policies and procedures
  • Judgment and documenting business processes
  • Risk estimation
  • Set up a comprehensive audit program
  • Developing the review budget (hours)

Internal Audit Consulting Services

Internal Audit Services is one of PRO GCC consulting services to its clients as an external reference or joint source of internal audit Dubai UAE roles within business entities that support the Audit Committee or board of directors to obtain evidence about risk management, oversight and governance. PRO GCC internal audit service Dubai presents many of the advantages that business entities receive, the most notable of which is to assist management in identifying, mapping and controlling internal control systems, recognizing deficiencies in processes and procedures, support and guidance needed to correct irregularities within the business entity, achieve authorized objectives, and ensure agreement with the provisions of laws and administrative regulations.

Internal Audit Field work

  1. Delivery of review notice
  2. Pre-review conference
  3. Discussion office staff
  4. Review strategies and procedures
  5. Understanding and documenting marketing processes
  6. Risk estimation
  7. Set up a detailed audit plan
  8. Preparing the survey budget (hours)