Personal Account

Terms of opening a personal account

When applying to open an account of any kind through the UAE bank electronic provider, the client must fill out a BANK form or application form containing the following personal information: The name. Mobile telephone number. E-mail. Monthly income. When the application is filled out and mailed, the bank examines the customer information, confirms its authenticity, then the customer chooses the type of personal account to be opened, and we will start with

Current account

Terms of opening a current account at DUBAI UAE 1- The minimum monthly balance rate is 3000 dirhams. 2- Emirati identity or the original copy of the passport. 3- UAE nationals or residents can open a current account at UE banks. 4- The age of the client is 21 years or older. Features of extending an existing account at famous bank of UAE An easy and safe way to access funds. 2- The possibility of opening a current account in all major currencies. 3- Zero fees for opening an existing account at UAE Bank. 4- Providing the customer with a free debit card. Monthly or quarterly statements on request. 6- Easy access to the account from any ATM. 7- Providing the customer with a free checkbook for the first time only and at a fee of AED SOME digits for the bank account.

Our company will help you to get personal account immediately from any bank you want but located in UAE